How is the Rabbit Hunting going?
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28 Responses to “How is the Rabbit Hunting going?”

  1. Jim Hunt Says:

    Moose starting to shed their antlers, looking foreward to extra week of moose hunting next year. Herd is strong in Aroostook. Seeing groups of 5-6.

  2. Jim Hunt Says:

    1-6-10, ice about 10″ thick on the big lakes. Still need to take caution on the rivers and streams. Looking forward to our rabbit hunt in a few weeks.

  3. hunting dog Says:

    I love your site. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you!

  4. Jim Hunt Says:

    Winner of ” my dream hunt ” was Kevin Wilson, of Virginia. Kevin will be hunting bear up north Kevin Hunt and I this Sept. Congratulations Mr. Wilson, looking forward to it. Jim

  5. khunt Says:

    I just talked to a guy who was icefishing on a local med. size lake (Bridgton Maine) and he reported 14″ and some great fishing!

  6. khunt Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. Now that things are slowing down a little I will be posting more. I never dreamed that putting together a website would require so much work so I appreciate your comment.

  7. khunt Says:

    Congradulations Kevin! I’ll be up there that week guiding so I look forward to meeting you. You should have a great time up in Northern Maine, we have alot of bears and some wonderful country to hunt.

  8. Jim Hunt Says:

    Just scored on 300lbs of frosting, time to start gathering bait. Wife really loves all the bait around!
    Bears like it too!!

  9. Jim Hunt Says:

    Anybody interested in watching a sow with her newborn cub, go to You can go back and watch her in labor and can hear the cub crying. Gives a view of her den in Wisconsin. Pretty neat! JIm

  10. Jim Hunt Says:

    Moose sheds are starting to show up. Still a couple of feet of snow in the woods, but going fast. Found two yesterday, one was 28″ long, with 14 points. Would be nice to find the other.! Jim

  11. fancy dress army girl Says:

    I was just searching yahoo and found your blog, love it.

  12. rocky mountain elk guide Says:

    Very nice information.

  13. Jim Hunt Says:

    Thanks rocky mountain elk guide,where are you out of?
    You must find some awesome sheds around your area. Always wanted to hunt elk. It is way up on my list.
    ok everybody, may 14th is the last day to apply for the 2010 Maine Moose permits.Get’er done. then call and book with us. They had a great winter and the new state record is hanging close to one of our camps. Jim

  14. elk hunting forum Says:

    Wow, I never knew that, appreciated.

  15. Jim Hunt Says:

    Fish are biting and so are the black flies! Still have a few openings for the third week of Bear season. Also, construction of the new camp is well underway. The smell of varnish should be gone in a month or so. Load your 4 wheelers and come on up!……..Jim

  16. Dave Douglass Says:

    Jim, thanks for the link. My boys love it.

  17. Jim Hunt Says:

    You’re welcome Dave, I see the cub has been reunited with its mother. Good thing!!….Jim

  18. Jim Hunt Says:

    Spent the last day or so cleaning up downed trees from a big wind storm. Two trees down across the camp road and the chainsaw into camp! Ugh…. Poplar trees took hell….Jim

  19. Jim Hunt Says:

    Got a bull permit for zone 11, moose. Daughter is sub permitee. Looks like i will be the one being guided this year. look out record book.!!!…..Jim

  20. Jim Hunt Says:

    Baiting starts this week, we have a couple new sites that we are excited about. Seeing bear already in the berries. Berries and apples should be gone by the start of the season. So they can concentrate on the doughnuts!
    If anyone interested in trying it behind hounds, let us know. We may be exploring a new opportunity this year……Jim

  21. Jim Hunt Says:

    Great season, everybody got their bear. already started booking for next season. Time to start getting ready for our moose hunt in Oct. Ready for a rest later this winter! haha…Thanks Kev for all the help this year at bear camp….Jim

  22. Jim Hunt Says:

    Moose hunt less then a week away, got some trail cams of some good bulls.
    For those of you staying with us next year, the new camp will be ready and is really starting to take shape. Antlers and bear rugs are on the wall and stove and stove pipe are all hooked up. Addition is built and ready to be finished off. Come smell the smoke of a good cedar fire…….Jim

  23. Jim Hunt Says:

    Got our moose on opening day. Nice bull with a 42 inch rack. 700lbs. He was all torn up from fighting. Called him in to 15yds using Extreme Dimensions Game Call. Wild experience……..Jim

  24. Jim Hunt Says:

    Moose everywhere!!!!!!!

  25. Jim Hunt Says:

    Where is all the snow? Seems to be staying to our South. A lot of sledding to do and little snow to do it with. It will come……..Jim

  26. Jim Hunt Says:

    Time to book your bear hunts, 4 slots left. Moose applications are online, get it filled out. Zones 6 and 11 are the hot ones. Good luck……Jim

  27. Jim Hunt Says:

    Time to book your bear hunts and get your moose applications in. Good luck………..Jim

  28. Jim Hunt Says:

    Due to lack of raspberries and a sparse crop of apples, bear are hitting the baits hard. Expect a great season this year! No lack of doughnuts and frosting though!!!….Jim

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